The Best Carrier Oil for Diluting

No specific carrier oil is considered the best for dilution. There are so many available, each with their own therapeutic properties that are beneficial for both humans and dogs. Nonetheless, there are a few commonly used with essential oils: Sweet Almond Oil For centuries, sweet almond oil has been known for its moisturizing, penetrating, restructuring […]

Healing with Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years due to their immense purifying and healing effects on the body.  This is evident from the fact that essential oils have been found in alabaster jars in tombs all over Egypt, and they still retained their healing properties even after thousands of years! Essential oils became […]

How to Apply Essential Oils to Dogs

So, you know about the healing properties of essential oils and are also aware of the oils you can apply for a specific condition. However, how can they be applied? There are three ways of doing so and they are as follows: Topically Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin of dogs, including […]

Calm Your Dog Using Essential Oils

Fear, stress, anxiety, separation anxiety, depression and a variety of other emotions are just as real for dogs as with humans. As a result, your dog may begin to behave out of the ordinary. Excessive barking, howling, trembling, showing aggression or even digging are some indications of dog anxiety. However, this problem can be addressed […]

How Much Essential Oil is Used?

This depends greatly on two factors: the toxicity and health of your dog. As a general rule of thumb, two to three drops of essential oil are used for small dogs. For large dogs, five to six drops is usually sufficient. If your dog has a high degree of toxicity, the oils may be further […]

Essential Oil Recipes for Treatments

Earlier in this eBook, you learnt how to make essential oils at home. In this chapter, we will be discussing some essential oil recipes to create pet care products that will support your dog’s health. One thing you must keep in mind is that the amount of essential oils you use should always be based […]

Deodorizer for Pet Odors

Do people visiting your home often say “Why does your home smell like dogs?” If so, you would definitely love a change. However, the question here is: How can these scents be eliminated from your home for good? Well, with essential oils of course! As you already know, these oils are highly concentrated, and some […]